She Said Yes { Amit proposes to Emily at the Dream Hotel}

Amit was planning his proposal long distance. He had been waiting for a time when both he and Emily would be in NYC together.(they had recently moved to California)

The Dream Hotel PHD lounge was to be the setting, since that is where they had their first date three years ago. Amit planned to hide behind a curtain, Emily would arrive believing she was going to a cocktail party, the music would begin, curtain drawn and Amit would get down on bended knee.

And the angels were at work. Everything went without a hitch. from the actual moment to the champagne after, a rooftop moment with lots of hugs and kisses.

The last part of the surprise was a gathering of both families at a nearby restaurant to celebrate the engagement.

It was such a joyful and lovely time.

Congratulations. Thank you for letting me be a voyeur with my cameras.Capturing such a sweet time is a great honor and pleasure

Amit is waiting , and waiting.....