David Monn Holiday Installation at Bergdorf Goodman's

A Iconic Department store on New York's  Fifth Ave , one of the best designers in the world, and  a Holiday season filled with hope and magic.Welcome to the magic of the NYC Holiday season .

Photographing these rooms was a dream

Here are The Holidays's with David Monn, at Bergdorf's 2017

PJ and Theresa at Red Maple

PJ and Theresa held their gorgeous wedding on a warm October day.Here in the Hudson Valley this is a unusual  event, and choosing Red Maple Vineyard took full advantage of our natural beauty

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Carolyn and Joel at The Garrison

I can't imagine a more wonderful couple or a better wedding venue, The Garrison

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The Best of Hudson Valley 2017

I am humbled and honored to have won The Best of the Hudson Valley 2017

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Liberty Farm Ghent NY ( Alex and Victoria)

Liberty Farm in Ghent-Honey wood walls, barns horses, a sunset to die for. These are a few of my favorite things. And then there is handsome Alex and lovely, gorgeous Victoria. This wedding brought guests from all over the country. Lodging was had in Hudson at William Farmer Hotel and the Barslow. Guests were treated to a 80 degree Autumn day and evening. still warm enough to enjoy the farm yet a breeze made it just perfect

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Making Your Photography Experience Fun, Easy and Comfortable

There are so many photographers you may choose from.  We come from many difference walks of life from Urban hipster to a quiet country shooter. So many options, so many different prices.

I have learned as an experienced shooter that to capture  the intimate moments we desperately want to document, a couple needs to feel safe in our presence. 

At our first shoot, usually an engagement session, I take time to get to know my "subjects" 

I know how difficult it can be to be in front of  a lens, waiting for that awful click when you just. know you made a bad face. I know how self conscious it feels to stand still for what seems like a eternity. I know how bad  we can feel when we see a less then flattering images of ourselves.

The one constant comment I hear always is" That was so much fun"  and "I love these, how did you make us laugh so hard?" "I actually love these and I hate all pictures of myself"

I think it is the ability to listen and really be present with you. I want to hear your story, and be more then some hired hand, but a photographer that actually blends into the wedding without standing out or being in the way. After initial prep shots, everyone stops posing and let's me be as a fly on the wall-there but unnoticed, unless I am helping dry a bouquet or smooth a dress.

Here a few moments that I was lucky enough to be able to witness, without anyone feeling as though they had to hide the emotions from me or my camera.

The Beginning Happens with a Proposal

As a photographer, one of the greatest joys is   to be there when one lover proposes marriage to another. I love the intimacy, and yet I have mastered the art of being a Ninja photographer...hiding behind a tree or wall, so the proposal can take place without my presence giving it away.

From a rooftop in NYC, strewn with rose petals, to a Christmas tree farm, to Poets walk with a majestic view of the Hudson, or a gorgeous estate in December with a crunching snowy carpet.I have hidden successfully capturing that one moment in your lives. Often, shortly following the couple sharing kisses and excitement, I come out of hiding and we have a quick, impromptu photo shoot. The images are always so emotional and a wonderful memory.

I am here to document this once in a lifetime moment.The beginning of two lives joining together to form a family.The beginning a an adventure like none other

A Hudson Valley Engagement{ Theresa and PJ}

Sometimes I feel so amazingly honored and inspired by a couple . Theresa and PJ's enthusiasm and trust in me and in each other made it possible for me to take risks with light, and let them enjoy each other in the process.

A sunny day, a gorgeous couple, not gonna lie. Could not get better.

Natalie and John are married at Manhasset Bay Yacht Club

Two years ago around Christmas, Joh contacted me to photograph his surprise proposal to Natalie. I was very excited and waited at a Christmas tree farm, Ninja Photographer, behind a fat xmas tree for him to  say the magic words. As I watched him walking along, acting as though he was choosing a tree, he suddenly disappeared behind one, far  far away from me. a moment later I heard Natalie's voice echoing across the valley..."OH MY GOD"

I raced down, waited a minute or two to be invited into this intimate moment and captured the most amazing moment between two people so very much in love.Natalie could not stop crying. so sweet and touching.I was carried away with emotion,trying to remain a objective photographer

We revisited the scene of the crime a year later for a casual engagement shoot, while the two really did shop for a tree.

I was beyond pleased when Natalie asked if I would photograph the wedding. Of course I said YES


here are a few of the many many images from the amazing, vibrant, joyous day

A Tribeca Affair

Katie and Alan are married in Tribeca, NYC, at the restaurant named Mark Forgione.

the party was glamorous, stylish, laid back and fun, with amazing food and drink....

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Juliana and Andrew are married {Glen Arbor Country Club}

Juliana and Andrew are a special couple. Childhood friends, neighborsthrough out growing up, a romance happened so naturally...

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Swathi and Grant are married { The Harold Pratt House }

A fusion wedding at New York's Harold Pratt House...beautiful

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