Onteora Moutain House in Autumn

If you want 'beautiful' in the Hudson Valley, then Onteora Mountain House is the place to go. A view of a canyon of Autumn glory, lovely pavilion style, glassed-in space for your reception, and a ceremony spot to absolutely die for. This has got to be one of my very favorite venues.

Melanie and Casey were as lovely and fun as anyone that I have photographed in recent memory. There was great laughter,  free flowing tears, great friends and loving family.

I was inspired to be especially creative.

The setting did not need much, but the centerpieces were handmade and rustic in a chic way. Really beautiful, and the candlelit room was so romantic. really a perfect place to have a wedding for two such wonderful people.

I did special night photography which is represented here. I love to feature the space while the couple is lit by the room behind them.

I also love the shot of the cottage with Melanie getting ready reflected behind the window glass. I was looking for something beyond normal.