The Proposal { She said Yes!}

John called me  several weeks ago asking if I would consider photographing his proposal to his then girlfriend, Natalie.

Would I? well YES! { I immediately starting planning}

We planned to have a rendevous at a Christmas Tree Farm here is Rhinebeck. I arrived about an hour early to case the location. After several texts to give me a status report, I saw John walking , along with a very cute women, strolling almost, dragging a plastic sled like item to  get the Christmas Tree he was supposedly there to cut. I don't think Natalie had a clue.

At this point I was in Ninja mode, hiding behind a Christmas tree up on a hill, lens poking through the pine branches, trying to remain incognito.

It was a real challenge.I wasn't sure what was happening as the two of them disappeared for a moment behind another tree. Suddenly the hills rung out with "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" 

I know John must be proposing.

So here I am, running down the hill, hiding again like a cartoon Wiley Coyote,

I did manage to capture some awfully wonderful, emotional and sweet moments.

The end result

Natalie said yes