Tara and Kenny at Minnewaska

After a long , hot drive on the NY state Thruway, They made it to glorious Minnewaska. Tara and I had only met by phone, so I did not if she was fat or thin, tall or short. Out of the car came this beauty.I felt so luck to be able to photography Kenny and Tara, to capture a little of their funny, sweet relationship.

We ventured along with the cute cocker spaniel, down the trail to Awosting Falls.

The challenge was to dodge the hundreds of folks there to enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon. I hope Tara and Kenny love these images. I had so much fun navigating the stream with my camera and bare feet, watching the two of them unwind and get more and more relaxed in front of my camera.

The wedding is sure to be stellar

Awosting Falls
Minnewaska State ark
Tara and Kenny
standing at Awosting
black and white engagement shoot
a waterfall kiss