Sophie and Teddy {A Hudson Valley Wedding in Stoneridge,NY}

Teddy and Sophie are exhuberant, warm, crazy , funny and touching. They are sweet yet strong, elegant yet wild. It all is here. all of it. The warm, romantic, wild, wet and fun wedding

Sophie had her dress made using the bead work from her grandmother's wedding gown. Teddy was elegant in a  suit( until he wasn't ,and changed into bathing trunks to escape the high humidity.)

The ceremony started in the garden. The wedding party consisting of many adorable children all in white. As it proceeded from the couple circling each other in Jewish tradition to the first blessing , thunder rumbled and rain poured down. immediately guests grabbed their chairs as though it was rehearsed and  in what seemed like seconds, the tent was assembled into a ceremony.Even the Chuppa was moved into place


The reception was wild and funny, toasts unlike any I have ever ever heard. memorable, tears rolling , laughter everywhere

dancing was fast and wild and love filled way into the night

guests took dips in the dark in the spring fed pool to cool off...then more dancing and drinking and a Sparkler send off