The Beginning Happens with a Proposal

As a photographer, one of the greatest joys is   to be there when one lover proposes marriage to another. I love the intimacy, and yet I have mastered the art of being a Ninja photographer...hiding behind a tree or wall, so the proposal can take place without my presence giving it away.

From a rooftop in NYC, strewn with rose petals, to a Christmas tree farm, to Poets walk with a majestic view of the Hudson, or a gorgeous estate in December with a crunching snowy carpet.I have hidden successfully capturing that one moment in your lives. Often, shortly following the couple sharing kisses and excitement, I come out of hiding and we have a quick, impromptu photo shoot. The images are always so emotional and a wonderful memory.

I am here to document this once in a lifetime moment.The beginning of two lives joining together to form a family.The beginning a an adventure like none other