The American Yacht Club Rye New York

The American Yacht Club provided the perfect backdrop…a view of the Long Island Sound, bathed in sunset golden light, a gorgeous bridal party, wonderful couple. Carly was stunning…and sweet, too. Carey looked great and he and his men were fun and great to be with.

take a look at these loves-

Thanks to my team, Brian, Keldon and Veronica.

The Basilica, Hudson, NY

A Basilica wedding, Hudson, New York.
Lauren and Ryan understand design and Ryan is a architect.I think the actual structure of Basilica is what initially attracted them to have the wedding here. In fact, they used this drawing on the front of their save the date cards. The back was a black and white photograph.
Basilica offers a rustic backdrop, industrial yet beautiful.  A short walk and you are at the river side, with the mighty Hudson framed in the background. Distant trains and ships  are in view. We stopped on the railroad tracks to savor the last of the days' light.
Lauren got dressed with her maids at the William Farmer and Sons hotel. The men were is a apartment just down the road from the ladies. Each space was furnished comfortably and offered easy  walking distance to Basilica, a nice perk for everyone on such a beautiful day.
During the ceremony each guest was given a copper cup.(Copper was a element used through the wedding) This became their own beverage cup and a toast was had after rings were exchanged. I thought it was such a unique and personal way to honor the guests while celebrating each other. And it became a gift to take home. 
Planning was by Hudson Valley Ceremonies. The interior was lit in a blue and purple glow, and carnival lights strung across the 50 foot ceilings to add warmth.
Between the fabulous bride, her handsome groom, and wonderful friends and family, this wedding was stellar on all counts

PJ and Theresa are married at the Red Maple Vineyard

Red Maple Vineyard is a perfect venue for any size affair. The Vineyard offers a great view for the ceremony, gorgeous gardens, a young vineyard, and food grown there that is prepared deliciously.

Theresa and PJ came to my studio where we first met. I immediately knew I wanted an opportunity to work with and for them. They allowed me great creative freedom and the love they share is remarkable. When Theresa read in her vowels " The minute I met you my life was never the same" I could see what she meant. These two are an inspiration to be with.

On top of all of this the date was October 29th and it was 79 degrees a with the softest and prettiest light ever. 

The party was outstanding from beginning to end. PJ's dad is a florist. The tent was unreal.I have been to Red Maple many times and never have I seen  the space look better. From the entryway , to the amazing arch of flowers for the ceremony-gorgeous. 


We ended the evening,  just before the bonfire, going up to the hill where Theresa and Pj said their vows. Standing still in complete black, except for a small glow from a cloud surrounded moon, I created a heirloom image for the two of them to cherish.   


Making Your Photography Experience Fun, Easy and Comfortable

There are so many photographers you may choose from.  We come from many difference walks of life from Urban hipster to a quiet country shooter. So many options, so many different prices.

I have learned as an experienced shooter that to capture  the intimate moments we desperately want to document, a couple needs to feel safe in our presence. 

At our first shoot, usually an engagement session, I take time to get to know my "subjects" 

I know how difficult it can be to be in front of  a lens, waiting for that awful click when you just. know you made a bad face. I know how self conscious it feels to stand still for what seems like a eternity. I know how bad  we can feel when we see a less then flattering images of ourselves.

The one constant comment I hear always is" That was so much fun"  and "I love these, how did you make us laugh so hard?" "I actually love these and I hate all pictures of myself"

I think it is the ability to listen and really be present with you. I want to hear your story, and be more then some hired hand, but a photographer that actually blends into the wedding without standing out or being in the way. After initial prep shots, everyone stops posing and let's me be as a fly on the wall-there but unnoticed, unless I am helping dry a bouquet or smooth a dress.

Here a few moments that I was lucky enough to be able to witness, without anyone feeling as though they had to hide the emotions from me or my camera.

A Hudson Valley Engagement{ Theresa and PJ}

Sometimes I feel so amazingly honored and inspired by a couple . Theresa and PJ's enthusiasm and trust in me and in each other made it possible for me to take risks with light, and let them enjoy each other in the process.

A sunny day, a gorgeous couple, not gonna lie. Could not get better.

Juliana and Andrew are married {Glen Arbor Country Club}


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A New Baby is coming {Kristen and Jason are expecting}

Today was the most perfect spring day in memory. The leaves are the yellow  green just before bursting into full leaf. The grass suddenly blinding bright green and the sky, without a cloud and deepest blue.

Montgomery Place is a lovely spot even on a grey today, but today it was sublime.

Kristen and Jason met me for  a maternity, baby bump, prego shoot. Call it what you will, it was wonderful photographing this really sweet couple as they await the birth of their first baby.In a couples married life this can be one, if not the one, most wonderful time in life. Heralding in all the expectation, the joy,  the responsibility of a growing  commitment called family.

I loved taking these photos was magical, funny and touching

Shahni and Rachael

I love when two diverse cultures join forces in a match created through deep love, respect, admiration and commitment. When I first met Shahni and Rachael in person in Central park, for a "engagement" shoot, it was clear that this was what was before me. A smiling, gentle, smart and gorgeous Rachael, and Shahni, who appeared reserved, kind and a little shy.

When the wedding day finally came, the hottest day of the summer,BTW, everyone assured me Shani was anything but shy and reserved.How correct they were. The man I came to photograph with his bride was joyous, funny and actually outgoing. Despite the extreme heat he was elegant in his suit and able to laugh with his friends and embrace the day.

Rachael dressed in one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have seen to date.Simple at first look, the beading and detail was simple extraordinary, but in a way that was without the least bit of overdone, or gaudy effect. This dress was elegant and perfectly suited the beautiful, lovely Rachael.

The ladies were fortunate to be in the guest cottage to prepare. This space had been provided with AC thanks to a special truck brought in for the day...When I  was working outside I generally could be described as a hot mess, along with the team of Videographers and my crew.,Hoever the spirit of the day made it all bearable

I will let the pictures speak for themselves

Elizabeth and Patrick in Dumbo Brooklyn

Engagement shoots are such a wonderful way to connect with your photographer. Last Friday was picture perfect. I arrived to the shoot in Dumbo Brooklyn, carrying minimal equipment so we could trudge around. I had Liz and Pat meet Brian and I at the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory.

The crowd was thick, but those two stood out from everyone else  there. It was as if there was a spotlight on the two of them. liz a stunningly beautiful women, naturally graceful and Pat looks like a movie star from a long time ago.

Anyway I digress. I think Dumbo is fascinating, crowded, magical,  and perfect for a engagement session.We needed to take a break from so much stimulation for drinks and yummy treats. You can catch Liz and Pat in the window  of a bakery, which made for  a lovely candid. 

I did bring a wonderful light to use at sunset and to add some fashion edgy flair.My wonderful associate Brian was there to help, hold the light and direct traffic as needed.He also provided a lot of laughter to keep everyone chill.

Ralph and Allison are married at Glynwood

A new Cold Spring venue has popped up. 

Allison and Ralph had booked Hamm House for their wedding. Weeks after finalizing they received word that they could not have the wedding of their dreams there. As luck would have it they were rewarded with the gorgeous country setting at Glynwood.


Allison's dress was simple and stunning, custom designed for her. The flowers were subtle, zinnias, pale pastels, with softest blue,grey ribbons.

The stone House made a wonderful backdrop for photos, as did the sunken garden and fields and wood. I really went crazy over the vintage inspired bridesmaids dresses, silk, beading all with a nod to the 1930's.glorious


CateringOliver KitaOliver Kita Chocolates

Video Eric Rovayo


special thanks to my second shooter Brian Reid and assistant Keldon Pollaco


The photo pages of a book on gardening taken here at Glynwood make the perfect background for Allison's pearls

The photo pages of a book on gardening taken here at Glynwood make the perfect background for Allison's pearls

the girls playfully jumping on the bed
pillow fights are such fun with hair and makaeup carefully applied

pillow fights are such fun with hair and makaeup carefully applied

Ralph needed some help with his wardrobe
something borrowed and something blue-a piece of mom's dress hand embroidered into the wedding gown

something borrowed and something blue-a piece of mom's dress hand embroidered into the wedding gown

a hug from Jane and getting ready
the diamond earrings were tastefull and a bit of sparkle
the family is all there
gorgeous Allison-finishing touches
in the garden a bouquet and Allison
the spiral staircase is to die for
a portrait
a windy veil
ceremony begins
father and daughter


the whole wedding party
listening to a portion of readings
parents watching
a sweet touch
the birds were wishing them well
the kiss
get away time
get away golf cart
mountain view
Mr and Mrs hand embroidered chair covers
family portrait
portraits in the wood
Allison and Ralph are bautiful
I love this stone house as a beautiful setting...remonds of France or Enland
grand mother's
family portraits
The Watters family
in the garden taking a minute to have barefoot fun( had to get those heels off)
walking over to the sunken garden
the setting sun was so beautiful it made me breathless
the reception begins
making an entrance
the bride and grrom enter the tent
the first dance
first dance
father daughter dance...awww
Mother and son dance
the super moon...very long exposure
let's dance
cut the cake by Oliver Kita
tent at night
what a gorgeous starry night
singing Don't stop" of the original band members


A most memorable super moon and gorgeous sweet lovely couple

Anna and Alex from Ft Tryon on a sunny Saturday to a rainy Norwalk wedding

Anna is sweet and gentle and OH so beautiful.A violinist, coming from a musical family, her wedding ceremony was filled with the most beautiful music. A choral group of her beloved family and friends was just the most moving ...I was crying. The priest deferred to the Cantor who sang Jewish prayers, as the priest performed the nuptial blessing

The music that was performed at the church was an entree to the wild blues touched music at the reception.the party absolutely rocked...check out the band.the best I have ever heard at a wedding Really!

Anna wore a lace dress with a nude slip, simple and elegant,form fitting in all the best ways. Alex was a little Tom Ford in his suit.He is as handsome as he is a lovely guy.

After the engagement shoot at Ft Tryon at the top of Manhattan, I was so in love with this couple...I just knew the wedding would be memorable. and it was.

Rolling Hills Country Club Wedding

Andy and Amanda's Big Fat Greek Wedding was warm, beautiful, fun and emotionally fantastic. Such unbridled joy was happening during  the this amazing wedding. Rolling Hills Country Club does not fail to provide a great backdrop.

Dollar Bills were flying in the air and falling to the dance floor all night.  Those  and the hugs and kisses were in great abundance.


Adam and Jaime are married

This was a wedding close to my heart in many ways. First I have known the Adams  mom since childhood, and seen the joy this family always bring to everywhere they are.

The day of the wedding was dark and rainy. We really thought all the formal portraits of the day would be taken indoors, but nature provided a break. The day was warm at least.

Jaime was absolutely radiant in her lace and beaded strapless gown. she wore her hair half down and it was so natural and uncontrived, yet elegant.

Adam was very handsome in his black tux. I loved seeing the photos of Davey assisting him dress. This was just 6 weeks out from Davey's  heart surgery and he did not miss a beat. It was awe inspiring.Even doing the hora was in his playbook.

The flowers and Chupa during the ceremony and reception were stunning. and the BAND..OMG, the night was made all the better by that fantastic music.

I know Jaime will be a wonderful partner to Adam. She has already shown her love and support in so many ways, from helping him heal after a torn achilles to just being a fun and loving partner

Adam is kind and smart and funny. I love them both