Brian Lead Photographer


"When my husband and I looked through all of the photos from our special day we laughed and cried and relived it all"....just one of the great compliments that come to me regarding Brian's work.


Brian is our lead photographer. He is also a great guy, with a big sense of humor, a love of music( he is a fab drummer) and beer maven and a foodie.

He will be there but you will hardly know it , while he captures the real and dear moments, hugs, kisses, the whole deal. He is cool but never cold. A warm and lovely guy, he goes the extra mile for you, while creating wonderful memories- a collection you will revisit over and over.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 8.58.42 AM.png

Randy and Brian 9/17


Teresa Lead Photographer

Teresa is our newest team member but before she joined us she had been shooting weddings and events for over 10 years. She is a first generation Irish American, and brings her love of a great party, warmth, joy and talent to us. We are delighted to have Teresa join the team. Her style is classic and beautiful, full of emotion and love. She is playful and loves a good adventure, while eating some chocolate chip cookies.

You can check out many of her fab weddings here


Keldon Lead Photographer

Keldon is a real Renaissance man. He is a gifted photographer, athlete, wood worker, furniture maker, and all around amazing guy. He is a true adventure seeker- climbing, biking and don’t forget his weekly volleyball… all things excite him.

He has been there for me when I am creating my amazing night photography..he is both advisor and second photographer, and now a lead shooter . He is an expert with lighting, Just watch him get excited to set up studio lights on the fly to make a really dramatic portrait. I think Keldon is a star and trust him with your wedding images. Bring on a good paint ball fight or a drone flight in the mountains and the man is in his element. He will create images that are fresh and lasting.