Cynthia DelConte

As a wedding photographer, I am inspired by my couples to shoot the intimate, raw emotions of the day.

I feel honored to be the documentarian that gets to create beautiful images this  most cherished day. Every wedding is unique in the people that bring  their joy to it.
Everyone has a story to tell and I want to tell it artfully.

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"Cynthia is absolutely amazing. She made 2 camera-shy people feel completely comfortable and at ease. She does not have you do forced poses but rather captures people in their natural positions and beauty."



Brian Reid, team player

Brian has been with me forever, and as a member of day for night productions he offers his unique view of the world.

He is charming, sweet and fun to work with. His candids are filled with raw, real emotion. His specialty is the real deal, unscripted moments captured with finesse.

Brian is a musician, foodie and photographer, with a great sense of humor and compassion. He plays drums with passion, the way he is living life. 

Brian is the go to guy,  he will make you feel completely at ease, and beautiful.

Brian's collections start at $3200

"When my husband and I looked through all of the photos from our special day we laughed and cried and relived it all."