Red Maple Vineyard love

Red Maple Vineyard love

How many hours do you typically shoot?

Normally I shoot the entire event....getting ready to the last dance. Smaller packages are possible.I typically provide between 8 to 10 hours, depending, but all packages may be customized.

Do you bring second shooter?

For weddings under 125 guests I have a assistant . Over 150 guests  I recommend a second photographer who will cover the wedding along with me.

What about "formals"?

I started in photojournalism and feel a honest approach is generally best. That said, I do take family photos and some "formal" portraits. These can be as creative as time allows. I do want you to attend your cocktail hour so a first look is often recommended.That said the magic of the groom seeing his bride walking down the aisle is unbeatable so we can work with either plan.  I have a natural unscripted approach, but we will consult before the wedding so you get the kind of images you are hoping for.

Do you do engagement shoots?

Yes I think these really help us get acquainted and I love the intimacy that is created between us. 

Do we get to keep the hi-res files? How are they stored?

High resolution files are provided on the online collection which you have full access to. You may download in high or websize resolution, using a private pin number. They are stored at the studio and in the cloud on multiple hard drives.

The Big question- How much do you charge?

                                           Wedding coverage is customized for the event. Shoot us an email with information about your wedding and we can send you package options

Favorite Vendors and Venues




                                 Red Maple Vineyard,

The Foundry Long Island City

The American Yacht Club, Rye, NY

Blenheim Hill Farm

Roxbury Farm

The Barns at Liberty farm

The Castle Tarrytown

                                 Rolling Hills Golf Club

                                WestHills Country Club

                                The Metropolitan  Club                              

                                The Roundhouse Beacon

                                 The Garrison

                                 James Burden Mansion

                                 Basilica Hudson

                                 Senate Garage

                                 Tappen Hill  Liberty House, The Loading Dock, The Light House, Central Park Zoo

                                 Tribeca Rooftop

                                 Brooklyn Botanical Garden

                                 The New York Public Library


                        Club Helsinki

                                 Oak Hill

                                 A Private estate Clermont

                                 Glenmere mansion


                                Lynne Acres


                               Floral Fantasy

                               Flower Blossom Farm

                               A Night in Bloom


                              Mark Ingram Atelier  



                           My favorite bands and DJ's

                           CTO Park Central ( out of Philly)

                           Astrograss  ( Bluegrass)

                           The Dexter lake Club Band

                           NOIZ ( Suffolk Long Island)

                           Dave Leonard JTD Productions

                          DJ Allie ( she spins disks too) Allie Gruber

                          Hot Sardines

                          A Starry Night

                          45 Riots

                          Kazz Music

                          74 Events, James Mulry. DJ extraorinaire

                          Hank Lane


                         Hudson Valley Vintage