"In a nutshell, I will climb mountains, cross streams, have a rip roaring time laughing and crying with you, and do this while creating stunning, outrageous, beautiful images of your wedding  and you."


How many hours do you typically shoot?

Normally I shoot the entire event....getting ready to the last dance. Smaller packages are possible

Do you bring an assistant?

For weddings under 200 guests I have one assistant who also is a second shooter. Over 200 I recommend a second assistant 

Do you shoot film and digital?

I typically shoot Hi Res digital. I do love Black and White Film though and can always shoot some for the extra cost of scanning.I also can create stunning b/w images with digital

How many images do you take?

I Shoot and Shoot and Shoot...on a typical day I may shoot 1500 images give or take.My assistant shoots during the ceremony and usually the "guys getting ready". This way I can focus on one area at a time. At the ceremony we try to stay put and not obstruct the view of any guest. This way the photographer doesn't steal the show, block a guest view or spoil an important moment by being center stage.

Do you provide a website?and what about proofs?

Yes websites are included for up to a year. Generally it takes about two weeks for images to be posted. Proofs come as First addition 4x6 prints or as bound proof magazines

What about "formals"?

I have a casual, off beat style, get the group shots done in a fun casual manner and let you get to your cocktail hour to enjoy your wedding. For couples who choose to see each other before the ceremony we allow extra shooting time.

Do you do engagement shoots?

Yes I think these really help us get acquainted and I love the intimacy that is created between us

Do we get to keep the hi-res files? How are they stored?

High resolution files are available on DVD . They are stored both at the studio and off site, backed up and burned onto archival material for long term storage. Negatives are available after 24 months at no extra charge

What kind of albums do you create?

We love leathercraftsmen www.leathercraftsmen.com for the new matted series. They are simply gorgeous!! These typically have about 70 images, although certainly we can add more.

We also love GraphiStudio www.graphistudio.com for the collage flush bounnt coffee table books. LOVE LOVE LOVE the cloned parent books.

I think West Coast Albums are devine. The pages are thicker than Graphi, the covers are flawless and they really are true archival quality www.westcoastalbums.com

www.couturebooks.com are a interesting alternative to traditional albums, with unusual bindings and "green" albums

Most packages include at least one album but you can always choose to order"ala carte"

How would you describe your style?

I certainly shoot alot of candids, and even my formals have a spontaneous totally natural uncontrived feel. I am often described as a fly on the wall. In fact so many times couples remark that they did not even notice me shooting and are so surprised by the moments captured