I have been a photographer my entire adult life, starting as a  student at Livingston College. I grew up outside Philadelphia and spent hour upon hour at the Philadelphia Art Museum and The Barnes Museum.  I graduated from  Livingston College and went right to NYC to start a photography career. My work in the early days included  work as a stringer for the NY Times  and freelance assistant work for commercial fashion and food photography studios.I was so excited to be involved with photography. Such a love affair. I was working with slide film, as well as black and white films and large format cameras. I spent countless hours in darkrooms, from the commercial darkroom at my job preparing images for  advertising and art museums, to my home made darkroom where I was printing my own  art work.

My work is more documentary then styled, and I am inspired by the great journalists of the 20th century. Robert Frank is  favorite.  Although building sets is a fun challenge I often prefer a more environmental, natural  location...going to a new place and realizing its potential in art is a fun and wonderful challenge. Landscapes and nature become wonderful backdrops, as do city scapes and Urban grunge. I have spent years mastering available daylight (and star light) as well as learning to use flash and strobes, LED, and tungsten ,so they look as I want-usually natural and flattering, but sometimes edgy.  Knowing light is everything in photography and being able to use what is appropriate is very important.


I understand how uncomfortable being photographed can be.  I want you to feel  great about pictures we make together, so I make it fun and easy and comfortable.. I want you to see your beauty and uniqueness... and I want the images we make  to be the best representation of you.  I want this to be  a joyous  experience. If I tell corny jokes or cheesy ones, forgive me. I do what ever it takes to have you feel  relaxed.

I am not a newbie, but I am always learning new things. I have been experimenting with lighting, as well as  perfecting night images for some drama. I get so excited by all the tools available to us as photographers. But that said, it is the image that counts, not any gimmick or special equipment. The pictures you will want to look at over and over are   the pictures that remind you of how you felt.

I wanted to be a dancer, but had flat feet( literally) so I started photographing dancers instead. I haven't stopped . When I shared a studio on fifth avenue with my husband in NYC, We got to work with the beautiful dancers from American Ballet and NYC ballet. Later I found myself standing on the back of the stage at Kennedy Center in Washington photographing  some of the world's best dancers, such as Buglesi dance. It was a huge thrill to look out and see that glorious stage and theatre. I really did have to pinch myself to believe it was not a dream.

Weddings came later, when dancers started asking if I would shoot the weddings they were having. At first I resisted, but at the very first wedding I fell completely in love with the event and the process. The journey has continued and I never tire of  a wedding day. ( I cry during ceremonies like a fool)

  • Fun Facts

  • I love dogs and cats, all animals really.

  • I had a chocolate truffle business, Minetta Lane Truffles, until our 150 pound Husky ate a ten pound brick of chocolate. I did not eat chocolate after that for many years, as you can imagine.( it was ugly)

  • Cooking is a passion.If I am stuck inside with a big snow storm you can find me making a Vat of soup-Chicken, gumbo or something that is new and different.

  • I love all music, and lately can not stop listening to Lemonade by Beyonce and Regina Spektor, as well as Miles Davis. Jazz and I go way back, but some old David Byrne is always welcome too. Love to dance and can't help it if you see me dancing around with my cameras.

  • Raging Bull might be my favorite movie Anything Scorcese really.. My husband and I thought Moonstruck was our movie for a long time. Revisiting it it is so cheesy.

  • I cry easily , even at every wedding. I will be behind the camera, with the eyepiece wet, during the ceremony. I guess I am a soft touch.

Family and friends at the kitchen table is my idea of a great time. Add to this a fabulous meal, good drink and life is good.




Weddings never get old. each and every wedding is a new and challenging experience, where I get to use all My creative and technical skill, year's of experience and the magic of the wedding, to create a artful collection. The collection that will tell Your story, beautifully.