“I have some thoughts on choosing a photographer- I think trust is so important. I want to establish a level of trust that when I show up at your wedding, you know I will provide just what you want.

I won’t boss you around, get in the way or take over your day. We will talk before the wedding, more than once. I can help plan the timeline so things are smooth, and you really get to experience every moment. The last thing I want is for you to miss the day, running around taking pictures. Yes, we will take some time to create special images for you to have for ever, but this time is a integral part of the day, not an intrusion. And generally not a long amount of time is needed. We can be creative and spontaneous. I look for the images between the images, so to speak. little expressions, touch of a hand, a a tear.These are much more important then standing you by a big view.( although yes, we can get that too)

Look at a photographer with a open heart and an idea how you might fit in that photographer’s images. Will you see yourself joyous, or like a model posing? Then ask me how I like to work. let’s see if we jive,if we can make a connection. If so, I am here for you all the way.”


  I have been a photographer my entire adult life, starting as a  student at Livingston College. I grew up outside Philadelphia and spent hour upon hour at the Philadelphia Art Museum and The Barnes Museum. 

  • Fun Facts

  • I am a dog and kitty fanatic. LOVE all.

  • I had a chocolate truffle business, Minetta Lane Truffles, until our 150 pound Husky ate a ten pound brick of chocolate. I did not eat chocolate after that for many years, as you can imagine.( it was ugly)

  • Cooking is a passion.If I am stuck inside with a big snow storm you can find me making a Vat of soup-Chicken, gumbo or something that is new and different.It is my meditation. Food glorious food.

  • love the Stockade in Kingston, Helsinki in Hudson, but being curled up at home is nice too, especially after wedding wildness.


Weddings never get old. each and every wedding is a new and challenging experience, where I get to use all My creative and technical skill, year's of experience and the magic of the wedding, to create a artful collection. The collection that will tell Your story, beautifully.

I hope you won’t be afraid to let yourself go- messy hair , dirty boots or not, you should have a blast at your wedding. If we are having a portrait session I want it to be all about you-not me. so we chat, we laugh, I get to know you. We are all self conscious so my job is to help you feel at ease and make this process simple and fun..

Give yourself this. Time keeps going and you are perfect now, not when you lose 10 lbs, or get your hair done, or any other thing that stops you from having something beautiful forever.Your family will be grateful, and you will have a cherished memento of a time that passes quickly.

This is my gift to you, the gift of you getting to see how the world sees you…beautiful you.


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